9-Year-Old Boy Shares Christmas with Mansion Kids!



Dear Bro. Judd,

I was asked by the Sponsor Relations Department to send you this Christmas story.

My son, Preston (age 9) loves the Tupelo children. It wasn’t any surprise to us the excitement he had when we received our Christmas wish list for Brandon.

On Brandon’s list was a Nintendo DS, case and games. I went on to tell my son that we just couldn’t afford that kind of gift. Preston started to cry and told us to give his to Brandon. He had gathered the DS, games and case and wanted to know when we could ship his things to Brandon. We then had family prayer for God to make a way.

Later that night, I posted the story on my FB page and in 30 minutes we had friends buying games and some sending money for the DS and case.

What a joy it was so share this with Preston the next morning. He said “God answered!!”

We mailed our Christmas gift to Brandon this week.

Thank you for serving the children. We love Tupelo Children’s Mansion!

Shane, Terris & Preston Rhoads