Angels Touching Lives


Once again, the children at Tupelo Children’s Mansion were blessed at Christmastime by the generosity of churches, individuals and businesses from across North America.


While we can’t mention the names of all who made this Christmas a success, heartfelt thanks goes to the Angels Touching Lives organization, headed up by Monique HIbbs, of Walker, Louisiana. After receiving the wish lists from the Mansion children, she enlisted others to join with her in her mission to provide a wonderful Christmas for the children.

Among those who partnered with her was a local friend and businessman, Steve Spell, who had previously been aided himself by Angels Touching Lives, following the destruction of his business by Hurricane Katrina. When he saw Monique’s Facebook page soliciting support for the Mansion, he remembered his promise to her to pay forward the kindness that he had personally received. Because of his generosity and the response of his friends and customers, he was able to be of significant help to Monique and Angels Touching Lives.

Heartfelt thanks goes to Angels Touching Lives, as well as all of our sponsors, who provided gifts for our children, including: furnishings, clothing, shoes and toys. For many of them, it was their best Christmas ever!