Annual Visit of the Dorcas Ladies

By Erma Judd,
Special Assistant
Director of Food Services

Last week, the Tupelo Children’s Mansion was richly blessed to have the Dorcas Ladies Ministry come for their annual visit to sew for our ministry. This year, we had 14 ladies present from Louisiana and Texas, and we were thrilled that so many wonderful women of God gave of their time and talent to bless TCM.

While here, they made curtains for three of our resident halls, along with recovering all of the furniture at Haven of Hope. They also made tablecloths and toppers for use at various functions. They altered piles of clothing and also made several skirts for each of the girls, along with a couple of pairs of pajamas for all of the boys. They also made blankets for the children with their names embroidered on them. The ladies made and mended a total of over 300 items for our ministry, and they accomplished all of this in four days!

This year, the following ladies joined Gloria Chatagnier for the trip: Donna Lewis, Helen Stone, Modena Nolde, Georgia McBride, Mamie Sistrunk, Donna Johnson, Gina Sanders, Rhoda Spence, Carolyn Areno, Rae Anne Spence, April Sehati, Danna Aguillard and Mae Tate.  These wonderful ladies spent endless hours sewing, and their services were greatly appreciated. However, sewing was not all that was accomplished during their stay. They also ministered to children as they came in for their fitting. A few of the ladies even went to the mall and purchased dress pants, dress shirts and shoes, for a few children whom they thought needed a little extra blessing.

On Thursday evening, Gloria Chatagnier, who heads up the Dorcas Ladies, was instrumental in having crawfish with all the side items donated for a crawfish boil. Dixie Crawfish from Oxford, MS brought the Cajun crawfish in, and it was donated by Samuel “Cucy Bug” Brown.

As you can see from the photos, the Dorcas ladies “sewed” much more than just clothing. They sowed in memories for the children that will truly have the potential to last a life-time. The children are still talking about this event, and the TCM family appreciates every kindness that was shown!