Sponsor Daria

Eleven-year-old Daria is a beautiful young lady who arrived at Tupelo Children’s Mansion about six months ago. She has already developed wonderful friendships as well as memories.

Daria loves to Bible Quiz and is currently the captain of our Tupelo 2 Junior Team. She has already memorized the entire book of Galatians and the first two chapters of Hebrews. She loves being involved and has already earned some ribbons at the Mississippi District tournaments. Daria is very disciplined and spends time each day reviewing herself on every card.

When she’s not in school or quizzing, Daria can be found singing, listening to music with friends or playing soccer on the field. She loves ball and is very athletic.

Since her arrival, Daria has received the Holy Ghost. She loves the Lord and is confident that He has a plan for her future! Please pray for Daria and click the link below to help support her on a monthly basis.

You can become her monthly sponsor by completing the form below!