Hugs and Kisses for 3 New Children!


Three precious children, ages 3-5, arrived at the Mansion just last week from very dire and threatening circumstances. We call these kinds of cases, “emergency placements!”

I can’t share all the heartbreaking details, but one of the girls, upon arriving at the Mansion, said wistfully, “I’m hungry, and they said we could eat here.” Then she put her little hand on a housemother’s arm and asked, “Can I stay with you tonight?”

Emily Parish, a TCM staff member, shared the following post on her Facebook page, and gave me permission to repost it here:1045134_10200465748180294_1450550569_n

“I was just on a mission’s trip and was able to spend some time working in some orphanages in Haiti. Of course, the children there have far less than our children here at Tupelo Children’s’ Mansion.

“But while getting to spend extra time with the Mansion girls this week as a relief houseparent, God reminded me that I may not be in a foreign country, but there are still hurting children right here in the United States that need just as much love and attention as those Haitian children.

“I’ve REALLY been thinking a lot on this while watching the two newest little girls at the Mansion that arrived just this past week. They have just been having an absolute blast getting to play with their new toys and wear new pretty dresses. The smiles on their faces are PRICELESS!

“Then tonight, when I went to tuck them into bed, the youngest with the sweetest and most precious voice said, “I want a kiss, I want a kiss!” Then the older sister started in. And of course I took care of them both!  

“These girls reminded me of how much a simple show of love and kindness can make a difference in someone’s life. I don’t ever want to forget how important that is!

“I’m blessed to be able to give hugs and spend time with some of the best kiddos in the whole world, at Tupelo Children’s Mansion.”

Please pray for these new children at the Mansion as we show them love and bring them hope through Christ Jesus!

If you would like to sponsor one or all of these three children for as little as 50 cents per day, please contact our Sponsor Relations Department at 662-842-6982, or click on the following link to see six more children who are most in need of sponsors at this time:

Mansion Kid Sponsor