Mansion Dedicates Lumpkin Visitors Center


The TCM Board of Directors and wonderful supporters gathered in Tupelo during the first week of February to conduct business and celebrate the wonderful success of this ministry over the past six decades.IO8A0508

During the Fellowship Banquet, the new Lumpkin Visitors Center was dedicated in honor of James G. Lumpkin, Sr., who served on the TCM board for 34 years, as Vice Chairman and Chairman. According to Mickey Mangun, TCM was her father’s “last love.”

The Mansion board is made up of the District Superintendents and Secretaries of 35 “partnering districts” of the UPCI, eight Directors At Large, Honorary Directors, as well as the UPCI Ladies Ministries President and General Youth President.

YT9A8456Those serving on the Executive Board are: Kevin Cox (Chairman), Aubrey Jayroe (Vice-Chairman), Matthew Martin (Secretary), David Tipton, Jr., Ron Brown, James Carney, Dennis Davis and Mark Johnson. The Directors at Large include: Gary Keller, Robert Martin, Mickey Mangun, Jody Wells, William Chapman, Robert Myre, Coy Hill and Cheryl Becton.