Fourteen-year old Christian is a newcomer to TCM. He has only been with us a few months but is adjusting nicely.

He goes by Chris and is a hard worker who enjoys feeling needed. He thrives on adult approval and performs best when there is a task at hand for him to accomplish. Last week, he assisted at a charity golf tournament, and he had a great time helping set up our table and tent. He enjoyed the opportunity to fellowship with the golfers.

Chris likes football, basketball and photography. He loves to be outside and is helping in the maintenance department this summer. He is looking forward to learning new skills and hanging out with some great Christian men.

Chris just returned home from Mississippi Senior Camp. While there, he made many new friends, learned a lot about the Lord and spent hours in the altar worshipping.

We look forward to seeing all that God is going to do in this young man’s life while he is in our care.

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